Are You Ready for Childbirth?

A Shift in Labor

"Labor Land" is a mental shift moving away from your thinking mind (Stages of Labor) and into your body and soul in labor. 

Get Out of Your Head!

When you are focused on what stage of labor you are in, you are "thinking" your way through labor.

A "Native Tongue"?

Most women are talkative, social, and hyper-alert. This changes as labor progresses!

Free Guide:

How to Have Peace in Childbirth!

(Hint: This guide will begin to shift your labor mindset.)

An Insight to the Mindset Shift of Labor

Did you ever play "Candy Land" as a kid?  Let me take you on a journey to "Labor Land"! 

I created this valuable resource for you to have with you during labor as a guide to a peaceful birth and welcoming the "Labor Land" mindset.

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This course will serve as a guide to a peaceful birth and welcoming the "Labor Land' mindset.

This preparation focuses on helping you cultivate a pain-coping mindset and preparing your heart and soul emotionally and mentally for the experience of labor. Together, we explore ways to work with these sensations of labor without creating suffering.

This course will help you prepare for the intensity of birth by:

  • learning the difference between pain and suffering.
  • learning valuable pain coping
  • practices through live Zoom video calls.
  • preparing your heart and mind through processes and story through pre-recorded videos.

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I want to understand the mindset for labor!